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Our top selling Neoprene model D10 PRO is now upgraded with ISS, the unique Integrated Silicone Seal system Waterproof developed and presented to the diving market.

During all our years of continuous testing in harsh conditions, we have found that nothing can match the 3,5mm Special Hi-Dense neoprene with SD Toughtex lining we use for our most outstanding neoprene product, the D10 PRO ISS Drysuit.

Loaded with features this suit brings it all. Si Tech ring systems with exchangable silicone seals at wrists and neck that you can change in a matter of minutes. DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber reinforced and angled boot, zip armoured dry zipper, warm cuff system, warm neck, real rubber kneepads, embossed panels, PU-reinforced shoulders and double pockets to mention a few. And all the know-how that we bring from our 25 years experience of diving in the Antarctic & Arctic.

Product features

100% microcell CR neoprene – More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that really works for diving. Excellent durability and insulation far better than other Neoprene qualities, like SBR, SCR etc.

A seat that grips – Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.

Anatomical KEVLAR® reinforced boot – Angled for the best mix of durability and performance. Aramid reinforced front. Moulded Fin Strap Anchor.

Anatomical sculpting – Pre-bent arms and legs provide a perfect anatomical fit.

Chill guard – Keeps your body heat in and your undergarments out of the zipper for trouble-free operation.

Dual convertible POWER POCKETS – Dual expandable pockets to organize the gear you need.

Heavy duty zippered cover – The heavy duty zippered cover provides maximum protection of your dry zipper.

High visibility – Reflective logos on neck and sleeves.

Knee guards – Anatomically shaped, 3D knee/shin guard for hardcore protection, without compromising comfort and flexibility.

Moulded fin strap anchor

NECK-TITE RING – The NeckSeal is fixed to the suit with a unique neck-ring developed by Si-Tech. With this system, you can change a seal in two minutes.

Reinforced shoulders – Padded wear resistant shoulders – finally a suit that can take as much as you can.

Seam-free crotch – There are no seams in the crotch area or under the arms, where any wrinkling will cause wear.

SI TECH valves – swivelling inlet valve and an adjustable automatic outlet valve.

Silicone wrist seals – Wrists are equipped with WP’s Silicone Seals. Extremely comfortable and easy to change.

TOUGHTEX – The best way to armour your suit.

WARM NECK – The unique warm neck solution from Waterproof with water drain valves and moulded fastener tabs.

WP INTEGRATED QUICK SEAL – Waterproof’s new slim oval wrist ring quick connector for wrist seals. D10 PRO ISS features the new Integrated Silicone Seal.

Materials and care

Please refer to the drysuit manual on how to best take care of your drysuit.

Waterproof Drysuit Manual


Men S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL, XL/t, XXL, 3XL/t+

Ladies XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL

*3XL/t has larger wrist rings. These rings do not fit the Antares system, but fit the Quick Glove system from SI TECH.

Size availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact your Waterproof retailer for availability.

Model and article number

D10 PRO ISS Men, Art. No. 6811

D10 PRO ISS Ladies, Art. No. 6812