3D Mesh Lining

30 Denier lining for D1 Hybrid

The light-duty 30 Denier - 3D Mesh lining is a great alternative when you need a softer, more flexible, lighter weight liner for warmer waters than the original heavy duty 70 Denier - 3D Mesh lining. The 30 Denier - 3D Mesh lining features double mesh layers at the spine and knees, fasteners at the arms, and YKK zippers at the feet and dry zipper opening. Compatible with Waterproof D1 Hybrid suits only.

• Only for D1 Hybrid suit • Extra soft 3D mesh lining (30 Denier) • Complete lining with zippers and fasteners • Double layers at spine and knees • YKK zippers

Mens sizes: XS, S, M, M+, M/t, ML, ML/t, L, L+, L/t, XL, XL/t, XXL, XXL/t, 3XL/t+
Ladies sizes: XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL
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Art. no. 4801 Men
Art. no. 4802 Ladies