Drysuit Zipper Warranty Claims

A front zipper on a dry suit can be less forgiving while dressing than a zipper on a back zip drysuit.  In the past, Waterproof has been replacing the dry zippers on D7 drysuits that have been torn/ripped apart on the zipper ends/boxes under warranty.
Too much applied force and stress while zipping could cause the ends of the zipper to break.  Please be aware that Waterproof will cease to continue replacing dry zippers under warranty that show excessive damage caused by the practice of excess force via the handler/owner of the drysuit.
We strongly recommend that anyone who has not used our D7 drysuit before either ask for assistance in the store, or to please watch our short and instructive video on how to put on the D7 drysuit.
This how-to video and other instructional videos can be found on the Waterproof USA YouTube channel: youtube.com/waterproofusa
The above announcement will go into effect as of January 1, 2015.