Waterproof USA will be showing the latest drysuits and wetsuits at upcoming 2019 SCUBA SHOW in Long Beach, CA on May 4 & 5, Booth #323.  You can experience the award-winning EX2, all-new D7X drysuits, WP Neoskin wetsuits and much more!

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Drysuit Zipper Warranty Claims

A front zipper on a dry suit can be less forgiving while dressing than a zipper on a back zip drysuit.  In the past, Waterproof has been replacing the dry zippers on D7 drysuits that have been torn/ripped apart on the zipper ends/boxes under warranty.
Too much applied force and stress while zipping could cause the ends of the zipper to break.  Please be aware that Waterproof will cease to continue replacing dry zippers under warranty that show excessive damage caused by the practice of excess force via the handler/owner of the drysuit.
We strongly recommend that anyone who has not used our D7 drysuit before either ask for assistance in the store, or to please watch our short and instructive video on how to put on the D7 drysuit.
This how-to video and other instructional videos can be found on the Waterproof USA YouTube channel:
The above announcement will go into effect as of January 1, 2015.


NOW AVAILABLE: D9 Breathable Drysuit, Wind-Breaker Jacket, and 3D Mesh Vest

D9 Breathable Drysuit

The new D9 Breathable Drysuit is hitting stores now! If you are looking for the perfect traveling suit then look no further. The D9, weighing less than 5 lbs., is the perfect drysuit for diving and snorkeling. Its extremely light and breathable properties add to the comfort of the user. Stop by your local dive shop to check it out!

Wind-Breaker Jacket

The new Waterproof gender specific W-Breaker breathable jacket is a lightweight hooded and windproof jacket that combines the best of fabrics and breathable wind insulation. It includes a detachable hood with a laminated brim, a wired peak and cord locks making it fully adjustable and giving you full volume control.

3D Mesh Vest

Introducing a new unique thermo Mesh Vest based on the Patented D1 ISS Hybrid. 

The 3D Mesh Vest features a triple layer insulation in front of the torso and spinepad, including an extra-long back panel covering kidneys and the panels normally squeezed by the weight belt. The 3D Mesh vest gives you cool ventilation on the surface and super insulation when submerged. It's a must have!

Contact your regional sales representative to place an order!